Pricing Info

We have many different options to pick from to fit your needs.

  • First Time Float: $45
  • Intro 3 Pack: $135 (must be purchased at time of first float)
  • Single Float (60 min): $69
  • 90 Minute Float: $99
  • Massage Chair (15-20 min): $10/add on or $15/ala carte
  • Sauna & Red Light Upgrades: $20/add on or $30/ala carte

Monthly Membership

Being a monthly member has it's perks. Along with specialized pricing, we offer additional services that are only available with the membership.

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For packaged deals and discounts, please contact us.


  • 1 Float: $59
  • 2 Floats: $99
  • 4 Floats: $179
  • Massage Chair Upgrades: One complimentary service per float
  • Additional floats at same price of membership

Pre-Opening KISS (Keep It Super Simple) Deals:

  • 1 Year, one float/month membership:
    $599  ($50/float saves you $229, 28% discount)
  • 1 Year, two floats/month membership:
    $999 ($42/float saves you $657, 40% discount)
  • Intro 3 pack:
    $135 (must be purchased at time of first float, only available one time per customer)

Any purchases of memberships/floats prior to opening will prompt invitations to special pre-opening runs and events.

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